About North Dakota MGMA

The primary mission of NDMGMA includes enabling medical practice executives and their organizations to improve the health status of the community and patients they serve. This is accomplished by promoting  the physician/administrator team approach to healthcare and medical group management. The NDMGMA also focuses on enhancing a member's professional role, knowledge and skills.

Board of Directors

The North Dakota Medical Group Management Association (NDMGMA) is a nonprofit, professional organization that represents medical group management professionals. The overall authority of the NDMGMA is the Board of Directors. 

The NDMGMA membership also meets each year in an annual business meeting and in any special meetings as may be called by the Board of Directors or voting membership. 

The Board of Directors, composed of the President, Vice-President, Immediate Past President, and Secretary-Treasurer, has supervision, control and direction of the business and affairs of the Association. 


NDMGMA is a volunteer association and we need volunteers to participate in committee work to keep our association vibrant and growing. Please consider volunteering your time  as an NDMGMA member and assist with one of the committees listed below. 

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall nominate a candidate to the Board whenever a vacancy occurs.

This committee consists of 3 voting members, one of whom is the Immediate Past President of NDMGMA who will chair this committee.

At least one member of the Nominating Committee must be reappointed to the following year's Nominating Committee.

Communications Committee

This committee is responsible for the direction of communication of NDMGMA activities, website updates, promotions, and quarterly newsletters for the members.

The President shall chair the communications committee and collaborate with the NDMGMA Executive Director to coordinate the association’s communication activities.

Conference & Education Committee

This committee is responsible for planning and organizing the annual conference, seminars and workshops. This committee selects speakers, arranges facilities and coordinates notices of these activities with the Communications Committee to pass along to members.

The Vice President shall chair the Conference & Education Committee. 

Membership Committee 

The membership committee is responsible for membership recruitment and retention efforts and collaborates with the Executive Director to coordinate the annual membership drive for NDMGMA.

The Secretary-Treasurer shall chair the Membership Committee.

We are always looking for additional volunteers, so please contact us today to learn more about what you can do to enhance our voluntary organization!


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